Monday, February 15, 2010

Cybercrop and Chookscraps

Well it's cybercrop time at Chookscraps til midnight tonight. Sorry I can't link but my blogger won't let me paste, grr. Here are the 2 challenges I did that I like the results of!
Ch 4: A shimmery card with a monogram and scallops.
Ch 1: using Alice in Wonderland themes as inspiration. Heart for Queen of Hearts, White background for White Rabbit, word 'smiling' for cheshire cat and 2 of something (butterflies, stars) for Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
The heart on this one was chipboard that I inked with dark blue then painted with silver then put sticker lace over.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Game On LO from Bon's. My dear best friend at another friend's wedding. Using the colour accent function on my camera to just get the blue lights. Shame the pic was taken at night with the flash in the way but I can never get that good photos anyway so this is probably as good as it gets! Haha! Her future is looking very bright right now and I am very happy for her!

I {heart}...

Felicity at Bon's challenged us to blog at least 3 things we love. I missed the deadline but thought it was a great post idea so I am doing it late anyway. Plus tomorrow is my bf's and I 3 year anniversary so the timing was right and the first thing I love is my bf, Phillip:
Happy Anniversary!!!
Other things I love are my friends (not all here but you all know I love you!):

And my best friend's little girl, Elissa. Too cute!