Saturday, November 27, 2010


It's cybercrop time at Bon's again! I've just finished the blog train and there was some lovely work to see so I highly recommend frittering away an afternoon doing that! Not sure when I'll have a chance to do some scrapping this weekend. I have another engagement party to attend tonight and then I am baking all tomorrow for a Christmas Carols party! Mmm, Christmas cookies.

I will be making these sugar cookies again but in Christmas shapes and colours of course!

Engagement Party

Well, the night came and went and everyone seems to think it was a success! I felt like it was impossible to chat to anyone for longer than 30 seconds before the next person came along but I got to do a bit of dancing in the end and had a good time. Here are just a couple of my dodgy pics from the night. We should be getting some better ones off friends at some stage.

The cakes that my very talented bridesmaid made.

The hall setup. You can kinda get the effect of the tissue paper balls I made. My mum also made some awesome bunting but I will wait and see if I get a better photo of that. They perfectly matched the balloons and colour scheme.

And... towards the end of the night my friends 'repurposing' the tissue paper balls!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Girls Night In!

This weekend was the Girls Night In cybercrop fundraiser at Chookscraps. Everyone makes a donation to participate and there were also auctions to have your photos scrapped by some very talented people on the forum. I plan to bid on some next year when I have some wedding photos to scrap!

For the first time possibly ever I completed all the challenges from the cybercrop. Perhaps I should donate to charity every month to get me motivated!

Challenge One:

The wings were stamped with a light pink, then a red, then I used a stamp in white and clear embossing powder.

Challenge Two:

Challenge Three:

My new crackle paint detail:

Description cluster:

Challenge Four:

Challenge 4 was pretty hard we had to use 1,8,8, and 0 of the following: words, colours, patterned paper, and flowers. I went for 1 - colour (black OR white were freebies), 8 - patterned paper, 8 - words, and 0 - flowers! This card is for my friends that surprised a few people by going to Bali for a holiday and then announcing they were getting married there! I am yet to see photos of this but I am waiting patiently!

P.S. Less than a week until the Engagement Party! There always seems to be more shopping to do!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sitting in a Tree


Image via flixster.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recent Scrapping

These are a collection of challenges from chookscraps that I have completed over the last month or so.

The first is a baby shower card and the challenge was for it to have dimension. There are many layers and the 3 photos are popped up with foam dots. The shower theme was purple so I wanted to incorporate that and the stamps are meant to show - pregnancy, baby shower, then the baby is born!

This was a LO for the continuous challenge at chookscraps. I really like my photoshopped photo but I do think I will try scrapping it again one day. Although I might be getting a new engagement ring as this one was not that quality and the stone fell out so I might have an entirely different ring to scrap next time!

I do really like this last one. Little bit of photoshopping to make the bride stand out. Criteria for this challenge involved fairy tales, hence the 'happy ever after' in the title.

The Countdown Begins

10 days until my Engagement Party!

Well, my winning cupcakes are now up on the Robert Gordon blog so you can see how they compare to the other winners! I think I will have to whip up some more cupcakes soon as I have been too focused on cookies lately! Although my current focus is on Engagement Party plans of course. I am getting there and handcrafting a few things but there still seems to be never ending shopping to be done!

Meanwhile here is a sneak at something I am preparing for the party, courtesy of Martha Stewart.