Sunday, February 7, 2010

I {heart}...

Felicity at Bon's challenged us to blog at least 3 things we love. I missed the deadline but thought it was a great post idea so I am doing it late anyway. Plus tomorrow is my bf's and I 3 year anniversary so the timing was right and the first thing I love is my bf, Phillip:
Happy Anniversary!!!
Other things I love are my friends (not all here but you all know I love you!):

And my best friend's little girl, Elissa. Too cute!


  1. oooh love your photos and what you love :)

    thanks for joining in!!! you are next on the blogtrain and your word is:


    one last stop and it's:

    see you there!

    Love charmane

  2. look at all the gorgeous girlies :), great photos.

  3. Love your {hearts} Rach - gorgeous piccies!

  4. Just stopping in at my own station!

  5. Great photos Rach, just making a quick stop on my train journey.