Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Forum, New Friends

I am a brand new member of Scrapbboking Top 50 now after following Charm's (from 1,2,3 and Bon's) advice to join. Everyone there seems very friendly and I can't wait to join in some of thier challenges. I have joined half way through a cybercrop so am hoping to squeeze in a LO or two before the deadline.

I have also been visiting some of the other member's blogs in my free time. Sue's blog, Look into my life, is actually running a competition at the moment to celebrate her opening Lovelybug Bits n Bobs, a place to sell her handmade goodies.

To win these gorgeous buttons you just have to visit her blog and leave a comment on the relevant post. Extra entry for spreading the word!


  1. Rachel,

    Hope to see some of your work on SBT50 soon. I just joined up there in November. And i'm hooked! The ladies are so lovely and the challenges so fun.

    Oh and thanks for following my blog (scrapbookhabit.com)

    Good luck with all the wedding planning!

  2. Thanks for re-posting Rach, am so glad you found us at Top 50. Looking forward to seeing your take on some of our challs soon! :-)