Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Already?

That alliteration worked nicely! Well, it has been a little while but I have only been doing a little scrapping so here it is! Along with some I found in my archives.

A birthday card for Alicia. The cupcake is in several layers using mounting foam.

My friend's gorgeous daughter who made the best flower girl!

Baby shower card based on one of the Chook Scraps' Christmas Card Challenges.

A challenge from the SBT50 March CC. Turns out I won, yay!

One from a little while ago. Picture of our niece when she was a little younger. Can't believe she has just turned one!

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  1. Hi Rachel, My name is Gypsy and I will openly admit to trawling Perth bloggers looking for like minded individuals with a view to having some Perth friends (having moved here from NZ in August last year). I'm in Wattle Grove and have space for two to scrap and more supplies than I can ever use. And I'm happy to share. Please feel free to stalk my blogs and drop me a line if you'd like a local crafty friend.